Medical Cannabis Information

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about the wide variety of medical cannabis products out there and how to choose the right one for you, you’re not alone! At Brute’s Roots, we offer a variety of products that come in different forms and levels of intensity to help our patients reach the desired effects they’re seeking.

The first step in achieving your wellness goals

understand the 3 types of medical marijuana and how they can help you.

Sativa Strains


Desired Effect:

  • Increased alertness, energy, and creativity
  • Decreased social anxiety, depression, and chronic pain

Recommended use:

Daytime when you want to feel more energetic.

Products made from sativa are generally known to produce the feelings of mental euphoria, also known as feeling “high”.

Sativa products tend to stimulate your creativity, and put you in a more positive mood. Sativa strains also have the potential to increase your mental focus as well as alleviate nausea and chronic pain.

Indica Strains


Desired Effect:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Acute pain relief
  • Insomnia treatment

Recommended use:

Nighttime when you want to relax and unwind.

Contrary to sativa, medical marijuana products made from indica strains tend to work better as sedatives or acute pain relievers that you take just before bedtime. Indica strains can relieve stress, ease aches and pains, and put your body in a more relaxed state. An indica product can be a great replacement for prescription or over-the-counter sleep aids.

Hybrid Strains

While sativa strains are typically associated with stimulating the mind and indica strains help with relaxing the body, hybrid strains can deliver the benefits of both worlds. The combinations of different concentrations of sativa and indica strains are virtually unlimited and can help you achieve a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Our Brute’s Roots staff is here to help you learn about the benefits of medical cannabis at your own pace so you feel comfortable about every decision you make.

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